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Sustainability and Ethics

Solihull Catering Services as part of Solihull Council, actively participates in the Schools’ Climate Change Conference. We help to shape the policies, procedures and procurement activity of the Council relating to the environment and sustainability issues.

Of particular concern is the use of single use plastics and the viability of alternative products. We are an active member of the Lead Association for Catering in Education (LACA) and assess the innovations made in packaging and disposable containers to see if they meet the needs of schools in Solihull.

As a Council, we are committed to making sure the Council’s own operations are net zero by 2030.  Highlights from the Net Zero Carbon Council Plan include:


School food

Using a higher content of plant-based ingredients and creating a ‘plant forward’ sustainable menu. Solihull Catering Services also has Food for life accreditation and adheres closely to the sustainable standards.


Building and developing infrastructure

A net zero option plan for new buildings in Solihull, for every project where Solihull Council is working in partnership including schools.


Reduction in energy consumption

Reduce our energy consumption by using Automatic Meter Reader (AMR) systems which will allow us to monitor live carbon emissions in schools. This will enable us to implement specific reduction measures such as insulation and heat pumps.



A commitment to zero and low emission corporate vehicles by 2030.

As well as reducing our own Council emissions by 2030, we also support a wide range of initiatives across the borough to reach the borough’s 2041 net zero target. See our Net Zero Action Plan (NZAP) for more information.