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Explore our general FAQ section where we answer the most frequent queries and offer insights into our dedicated services.


What types of meals do you offer?

We offer a wide variety of meals to suit all tastes and dietary requirements. From classic options like fish and chips to vegetarian and vegan choices, there’s something for everyone. We also provide gluten-free options.


How do you ensure food safety and hygiene?

Food safety and hygiene are our top priorities. Our kitchen staff are fully trained in food safety protocols, and we strictly adhere to all government guidelines. All our meals are prepared in a clean and hygienic environment, and we undergo regular inspections to maintain our high standards.


What measures are in place for children with food allergies?

We take food allergies very seriously. All our meals are clearly labelled with allergen information. We also offer allergen-free meal options and can create custom meals for children with specific dietary needs. Please make sure to inform us of any allergies or dietary restrictions when signing up for our catering services.


What day-to-day support do you provide for schools?

Each school has a dedicated operational support manager who will help you with the running of your kitchen. Managers are readily available and will build a close relationship with your school to support your everyday needs. They will help you to ensure that high standards are maintained and that you are compliant with all food related legislation.


Are school meals better value than a packed lunch?

We offer pupils a daily choice of two main courses, including a vegetarian option and a dessert. A fresh salad bar and fruit are always available for children to help themselves along with home baked bread.

For £2.70 this provides good value for money and gives children a delicious, nutritional meal so they can be at their best during the school day.


My child is allergic to some foods. How do you ensure that the food is safe for them?

All recipes are checked through a software system that links with the information the school holds on a child. We then have a system in place at the till that alerts our staff about whether a child has any allergies, so that they can serve them safely.


We are vegetarian for religious reasons. How do you prevent animal products being served?

As above, all recipes are checked through a software system that links with the information the school holds on a child. The system in place at the till alerts our staff about whether a child is vegetarian, so that they aren’t served items containing meat or animal derivatives.


Why does the food served differ from the menu occasionally?

We rely on our suppliers to provide the food items on a daily basis and from time to time the industry can be affected by supply issues. When this happens, we may have to change the meal options at short notice, but children will always be offered two choices.


Why can’t I choose my child’s meal on an app as parents can do in other schools?

We don’t currently have an app, but this is something we are considering.

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